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Types of Call for Papers

Law Vaccine is an Independent platform which provides various legal services and assisting people simply. law vaccine five legal awareness through blogs, legal services, E-counseling to the students.

It also organised various events like Quiz Competition, call for paper,  essay competition, and so on. Call for Paper is published by Law Vaccine. the Journal seeks to provide various information on the different aspect of the legal field. 

Focus Matter

Paper is basically focused on the advancement matter of particular topic and various challenges which are before us in this field. the main purpose of the paper Vol.1 Issue 1 is to aware general public and society through this paper, it’s prepare after understanding the human nature, to regulate the society and remove various problem which is coming in our day to day life.

The main purpose of the paper is to promote and encourage original researcher and to publish these articles which are good in nature. 

Aim Of Call for Papers

The main aim of this journal is to provide legal knowledge to the general public, lawyers and law student throughout the country. 

This call for paper Vol.1 Issue 1 is not only for law students but also for lawyers, research scholar, practitioners to share their studies and knowledge on these various topics. 

Law Vaccine provides a platform for publishing your paper in free of cost. 

Law vaccine is an online platform, so it has more possibility to spread your paper throughout the world as compare in the normal way.