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Article Writing Guidelines

  1. An intern needs to complete his tasks that will be allotted by the coordinator within their period of internship.
  2. The word limit for the article will be between 700-1000.
  3. There would be a strict plagiarism check and a limit of 3-4% plagiarized content is acceptable. If, the article if found to be beyond 3-4% plagiarized, then it will be considered as not-acceptable.
  4. Try to write an article in simple language.
  5. Try to make shorter sentence to understand the concept.
  6. Try to make short paragraphs.
  7. Article should contain 5 to 6 subheadings.
  8. Mention the sources of your writing also attach the minimum 3 reference link.
  9. The questions regarding topic if given by us must be in the article with same wording- means u cannot change the questions given by us and is compulsory to mention that questions in the article.
  10. Process of Submission & Publication :
    * The intern will have to draft the article and send the email in the word document.
    * Our team will check your article and after Final Editing the best article would be featurerd on lawvaccine’s website based on team review.
  11. The intern must adhere to the deadline otherwise the intern’s work would be deemed as barred for publication on the website.
  12. Lawvaccine will possess copyright of all the selected articles and those articles will not be held eligible to get published or send for publication to any other organisation. The names of the interns will only be used on Social Media Platforms and will be displayed or tagged along on the Lawvaccine official website.


  1. Attractive Title of Article.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Perspective under Indian or International scenario.
  4. Summary of leading cases with important issue.
  5. Conclusion/ Suggestion
  6. References
  7. Credit (if you give credit your self Give your name and Contact like email, fb link, etc…)

Necessary Instruction :

  1. Citation, Footnotes and references are compulsory.
  2. Do not rely only on websites.
  3. Avoid Copyright violations

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