When we talk about Democracy Before than we should not Forget about Labour Class and Business Class during the period of Karl Marx. During British Period the Indian were not treated Properly. In European Countries there was lot of problem between the Labour class and Business class and because of that there was a power Struggle and how the Labour class over powered Business class. During that Time Women did not have freedom to vote or have Citizenship only men had freedom and there is one more thing men had the power to enter politics and women did not have. As India got her Independence and after Constitution was made India and now India is known as Democratic Country. (democratic rights)

After India Got her Independence and after Constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly, Fundamental Rights for the Citizen of India was added they are as follows: Right to Equality, Right to Freedom, Right Against Exploitation, Right to Freedom of Religion and so on. Let’s go further with this Discussion on Democratic Rights.

What are Democratic Rights?

As we all know in a Democratic Countries citizen are Protected, They can follow any Religion they want even if they are from Different Caste, Sex and Creed. Every person who citizen of a Country whose Democratic Rights should not be taken away and this Right is very Important in any citizen’s Life.

What are Six Democratic Rights?

Democratic Rights are given to the Citizen of India are given in the constitution of India they are as Follows.
1. Right to Equality.
2. Right to Freedom.
3. Right against Exploitation.
4. Right to Education.
5. Right to Freedom of Religion
6. Right to Constitutional Remedies.

What are Democratic Rights of India?

Fundamental Rights are those Rights which are Basic Rights for the Citizen of India Which Include Equality, Liberty and Justice. The Rights are as follows-
Right to Equality:
Right to Freedom:
Right against Exploitation: 
Right to Freedom of Religion:
Right to Religion:

What are the basic Rights of a citizen in a democracy?

The Basic Rights of the citizen are Equality, Liberty and Justice and Right to Life and Right to Information (RTI) and Right to Freedom.

What does the government owe its Citizen?

Indian Government has given Rights to its Citizen on Paper. On Paper it looks good but in reality it is something Different. On the contrary a right is known to be liberty that is to be protected from State to state and From Country to Country. Every Citizen of the Country has Right to Free Speech and Religion.

Who protects the rights of citizen in democracy?

In a democratic Country the Law protects the right of the people in general. In a Democratic Country people are the one who chooses the leader in democracy and the law of the country will fully protect their personal Right. The law has mostly has to answer the citizen of the country if it does any mistake that protects citizen and if it misuses the law than also its answerable.

Is Democracy a human Right?

Democracy is a Human Right for the Citizen of the Country. Article 21 of the Constitution of India talks about the Human Right. Human Right is a Component of Democracy. Human Right Protects the Right of the Citizen in the Country. In the foreign countries Human Rights are abused. Human Right has Maximum protection and there is very less risk to the citizen of the country. These are the remedies are necessary to save the democracy.

Does Democracy Protects human Rights?

Yes it protect Human Rights. To Erase Terrorism it is compulsory to withdraw protection of forces and human right of terrorist. Whoever it may be citizen or a terrorist protection is for everyone they are humans this is what happens in a democratic country. After Crime Happened very Few People are Hanged till death just Because of the Human Right.

What is the importance of rights in democracy?

The Importance are as follows that is Every Citizen of the Country has all right to take interest in the government. This is through direct mode or in indirect way as a chosen Representative. Democracy is known as a popular sovereignty. Democracy is the best form of government.

There was time in India where Accused in the Case was put Behind Tihar Jail with all kind of chain all around Body because of that through his Advocate filed a petition in Human Right as such Kind of Violation on a person like him as he is also human. Now a days a married women there is lot of problem because of her marital status as she is married she faced lot of problem for dowry and domestic violence she has to face to lot of torture mental harassment to children as well . Ngo is formed for protecting them a commission is setup for them so that people who are victim should be protected.

 Now we know about the covid Situation where people are dying and they are not getting place for Burial and they are thrown into water but situation is something different there is no Respect for the person who has died Rights should be there for a person who is dead.

There are situation where people are killed in Riot or in firing as we know about 1984 Riot that took place after the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi where innocent people were being killed where there is Rights of the Person no one cared for them who were being killed. There was one more Instance where in 1958 the samyutha Maharashtra where more than 100 were killed in the firing as all were innocent people who were killed. In the Respect of the people who were killed a statue were built in Remembrance.

Article by – Megh Shetty

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