MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE – its Uses, Procedure, etc.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE - its Uses, Procedure, etc.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE – its Uses, Procedure, etc.


Marriage is a very special and Auspicious day for a Man and a Woman because they going to be one for both people. During the olden days, marriage used to be sacred for everyone and that was very Orthodox during that time. Couples need marriage certificate for various purposes.

There were different Kinds of Marriage they are as follows:

  1. Hindu Marriage
  2. Christain Marriage
  3. Sikh Marriage
  4. Muslim Marriage
  5. Parsi Marriage
  6. Buddhist Marriage
  7. Jain Marriage
  8. Court Marriage
  9. Mixed Marriage

During the per British times, there was Child Marriage that took place, and when young Husband used to die widow had to commit Sati or if they did not commit Sati women had to shave off their head and were not allowed to come out. It was also said that it was not a good sign for that widow’s shadow to fall on anyone.

This practice went on for a very long period but during the East India Company Rule Raja Ram Mohan Roy took the help of Lord Willam Bentick and Lord Bentick passed the law that Bans Sati Practice in India.

There is special Marriage Act couple with different community.

People with Interfaith community go against their personal law and marry each. For example Christian marrying a Muslim.

They can marry under civil laws in India. People marrying under the Special Marriage Act have to face many difficulties while filing their divorce.

As we all know Bigamy is illegal in India there were heated discussion in the Court of Law o

People mostly going for bigamy  or for extra marital affair because of the generation craze.

Marriage as we know it is a social institution it is not a fun but now days people are marrying less and divorce is happening more.

Now a days Same Sex is happening More such as Gay Marriage , Lesbians’ Marriage are happening

We will go into Dowry  and other prospect because it is too vast to understand the topic.

Regarding Marriage also there is a vast topic which cannot be covered up in one go the streamline is very vast of Marriage we have covered up most of the topic.

So we must mostly go towards Marriage Certificate without wasting Our Time.

Why is a Marriage Certificate needed for a Married Couple?

The need for Marriage Certificate is it provides information to the government that both are legally Married.

In all essential need of couple in any of their official Work they need this Certificate.

Marriage Certificate was done manually that is when Court marriage is done the newlywed couple gets their Marriage Certificate but now the scenario has changed couple can log in online Register themselves and they can get their Marriage Certificate Online as well.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE - its Uses, Procedure, etc.

How can I register my Marriage Online in Delhi?

There are following ways where one can Register Marriage Online In Delhi they are as follows:

  1. Aadhar Card is Required of both Boy and the Girl or any other Identity is also allowed.
  2. Age proof of both parties is required.
  3. Address of both the parties is required.
  4. marriage Invitation Card is Required.
  5. Photo is Required of both parties.
  6. Copy of the Pancard/ Aadhar Card of witnesses is Required.
  7. If both the couple are NRI then Foreign National NOC is Required

How can I Check My Marriage Certificate Online in India?

  1. The government has their own official page that is the state government from where we belong has their own site where we can log in.
  2. In the Marriage Registration Portal, we have to Click on it where We have to put all the details.
  3. So we get the Status of the Marriage Certificate Which We have Filled.
  4. Acknowledgment Number which We get after we successfully register it that number we have to enter and submit it.
  5. In the end, We get the Status of the Application that we have filed-in Online for a Marriage Certificate.

How can I register my marriage online in Delhi?

  1. One has applied online for an appointment for Marriage Registration of the Site belonging to the Delhi Government.
  2. We have to Click on Make an Appointment with DM.
  3. There we get the option of Register on the portal.
  4. The last option is we have to select the district as per jurisdiction.

How can I get a marriage certificate after marriage in Delhi?

  1. We have to collect the document that is required while we Registrate.
  2. We have to make an Affidavit which is according to rules made by the government.
  3. We to submit the application form in the Marriage Registrar’s office along with the documents required while we do Registration.
  4. To Register ourselves we need to visit the Marriage registrar Office.

How long does it take to get a Marriage Certificate in India?

Now if we see we can get our marriage certificate within 15 days as said while registering our self Married Couple has to be present while filling the form number1 and form number 2 and while registering the marriage.

While looking into the matter we can analyze by ourselves that it has become easy for the couple in our Country like India that we Can register Our self so that we can get the date of the marriage as well we can register for getting our Marriage Certificate.

As we can see there is both advantage and disadvantage in Online Mode so mostly prefer offline mode.

Government do their best so that people gets benefit  from online procedure.

For Court Marriage One has to know the bride’s age Should be 18 years and  Groom’s Age should be 21 years.

As we can see that that we with marriage rituals that were followed before British Rule and it followed after British Power came to India and how they made the Rule.

There are How Many Types of Marriage in India.

After marriage what are the procedure for registration in marriage registration office.

How Marriage Registration is done online or through offline mode.

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Article by – Megh Shetty

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