The law minister of India

Law minister of India

Who is the First Law Minister Of India? :

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, known as Baba Saheb Ambedkar, was India’s first law minister after the Independent. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (Baba Saheb) Ambedkar has been duty a law minister from 15th August 1947 to 11th October 1951 after the Independency of India. he was also chairman of the constitution drafting committee.

Who is the current Law minister of India?

Kiren Rijuju became the law minister of India and is the current minister in India. (On dated 20th June 2022) he has been the law minister of India since 7th, July 2021.

Role of The Ministry of Law (so, the Minister of Law) looks after the affairs of the following departments.

  1. Department of Legal Affairs – Advises various Ministries of the Central Government
    Legislative Department – deals with drafts of major laws for the central government, for example, bills to be introduced in Parliament, ordinances issued, etc.
  2. Department of Justice – it performs the following functions –
    Appointment, resignation, and removal of Chief Justice of India and judges of the Supreme Court of India; Rights in respect of their salary, leave of absence (including leave allowance), pension, and travel allowance.
  3. Appointment, resignation, and removal of Chief Justices and Judges of the High Courts in the States, etc .; Rights in respect of their salary, leave of absence (including leave allowance), pension, and travel allowance.
  4. Appointment of Judicial Commissioners and Judicial Officers in the Union Territories.
    The constitution and institution of the Supreme Court (excluding jurisdiction and powers) (but with such contempt of court) and the fees charged therein.
  5. The constitution and organization of the courts of the High Courts and Judicial Commissioners, except as provided by the officers and servants of these courts.
    Justice and constitution in Union Territories and management of courts and fees charged in such courts.
  6. Court fees and stamp duty in Union Territories.
  7. Constitution of the All India Judicial Service.
  8. Terms of service of District Judges and other members of the High Judicial Service of the Union Territories.
  9. Extension of jurisdiction of High Court to Union Territory or exclusion of Union Territory from the jurisdiction of High Court.

Who appoints the minister of Law in India?

The ministry is headed by the Cabinet Minister of Law and Justice minister of law in India appointed by the President of India on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of India.

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