Visa is a Latin word which means paper that can be seen or “to see”. Visa is a permit which is given by a country to a citizen of some other country;(PROCESS OF VISA FOR CANADA, USA, UK AND OTHER COUNTRY) this permit allows someone to go to the host country. Visa is a document which is stamped by the embassy on the passport of citizens. (VISA PROCESS FOR CANADA AND OTHER COUNTRIES)

It mentions the place where a person wants to visit like Canada and also mention time period that person will stay there. Almost time people need to give an interview to the embassy for getting a visa or we can say that it is also the process of visa.

If any foreigner visits in any country like Canada or the USA they require or always check a valid passport of their origin country and a visa before they can enter the country. In simple terms, Visas is a document which requests an authorization to enter into a territory.

Some countries also have different issues in an exit visa, a person has to obtain an exit visa also to return back home.

What are different types of visa (PROCESS OF VISA FOR CANADA, USA, UK AND OTHER COUNTRY) –

• Tourist visa this visa (Process of visa for Canada & other country) is allotted by the host country for a limited time period of leisure travel. In India, the time period is of 30 days.

• Business visa- this visa (Process of visa for Canada & other country)is allotted to someone who is visiting the host country for a business purpose. In India, the time period is of 5 years and it is extendable.

• Transit Visa is that visa(Process of visa for Canada & other country) which gives permission to person for passing through the country to a 3rd destination. In India max duration allowed to stay is 15 days.

• Spousal or Entry visa- this is granted to the partner or to the family of a resident or citizen of the host territory.

• Medical Visa- this is allotted to someone who is seeking medical treatment in the host country at recognized and specialized hospitals and treatment centers.

• Student Visa- In this visa the host country permits the holder to stay and study in an institution of the host country.

Normally if someone wants to visit a country, they file an application in the embassy of the issuing country. They request for the type of visa they need. Some countries the USA also conduct interviews before issuing a passport.

How do you apply for a Visa? like (Process of visa for Canada & other country)

Once you have decided that which type of visa you will be needed for your visit, open Google or any other good search engine according to your choice then find the official government immigration website of the state or country you are willing to visit.

You have to fill the travel visa application form after you reading all the information related to a visa application. You can send the application in the form of email or electronically or you can also be allowed to send it by mail. you don’t need to worry about applying for the travel visa If the landing country of yours requires visa on arrival. In this situation, you have to fill the form on the airport and pay a fee, once you get to the host country.

Try Always to double-check the requirements with the relevant website as you may have to bring passport-sized photos and some other documents as well.

What are Requirements for a Visa? like (Process of visa for Canada & other country)

Every country on the planet has its own visa application requirements and process. Always try to check official websites of the government of destination country.

The requirements usually include filling out the visa like (Process of visa for Canada & other country)application form, providing your passport for stamping, a passport size photograph, and some additional documents can also be required such as your flight tickets or itinerary, letter of invitation or hotel booking can also be asked.

Some countries like the United Kingdom and Canada also have inadmissibility guidelines which mean visa can’t be allotted to potential visitors. Potential visitors are the people who may have a criminal history or have a serious health problem or are a security risk or have serious financial problems.

If the applier does not satisfy the visa requirements of the host country there are chances that the visa application will be dismissed and the applier will not be allowed to visit the host country.

What is Invitation Letter for Visa? like (Process of visa for Canada & other country)

Host countries like the USA and Canada demand the applier to include a letter of invitation and also their travel visa application. The Invitation letters help the authorities to find if there is any potential visitor by making sure that the temporary visit is doubtless and also to find the true nature of the visa request.

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