Introduction –

On the 20th day of February, the day is celebrated as World Day of Social Justice every year. It is celebrated to emphasize social injustice occurring in the whole world and make better solutions and improvements for them.

Social Justice means that all the people who lived in society are equal and no one can discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, creed, color, sex, or status.


Why is World Day of Social Justice celebrated –

The main aim of celebrating World Day of Social Justice is to assist social justice out of people and to make them conscious about their societal rights. It’s another object is to bring together all the communities internationally to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, gender, and sex discrimination.


What is the theme of the World Day of Social Justice –

The theme for World Day of Social Justice 2021 is “ A Call for Social Justice in Digital Economy”.

Over the last few years, countries are focusing on developing their country in the digital sector too. In 2020 amid pandemic, the workforces of developing countries faced many challenges while working from home. As a result of which social justice is occurring in the digital economy also due to the lack of digital infrastructure and funding.


What is the history of World Day of Social Justice –

The day was started celebrating from the 63rd session of the general assembly as declared by the UN General Assembly on 26 November 2007, after reviewing the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action in New York when the UN Member States gathered at a session of the Commission for Social Development.

The first time when this day was scheduled is 2009.


20TH FEBRUARYHow do you explain Social Justice –

Social Justice means that everyone’s human rights are respected and protected in the world. Social Justice makes sure that everyone has equal opportunities in every field of the world.

According to Barker, “Social justice is another name for equal social rights.” “Social Justice aims to provide equal opportunities to every individual to develop his inherent qualities”.

According to C.JP.B. Gajendragadkar, “By social justice, we mean ending all kinds of social inequalities and then to provide equal opportunities to everyone.”

In the Indian Constitution also, to secure Social, Economic, and Political Justice, so many provisions are made, added. For example, Untouchability has been abolished.


What is the need and goal of Social Justice –

The goal of Social Justice is to promote fairness and equality among all sections of people.

Social Justice is important for the equal growth of individuals and communities.

For example, social justice promotes equal opportunities at the workplace without any discrimination.


What are the 4 principles of Social Justice –

There are 4 Fundamental principles on which Social Justice depends, which are following –

  1. Human Rights –

Social Justice and Human rights cannot exist without each other. As a year passes the relationship becomes stronger between Human rights and Social Justice. Human rights can be well protected in a just society only.

  1. Access –

Access to the essentials like food, shelter, water is the most important thing for the survival of society or communities. And when access to these basic amenities is denied on the basis of discrimination of caste, creed, color, sex, or religion, it leads to suffering to people of the society.

  1. Participation –

A just society can only be established when the voices of all are heard equally. But truth is that in today’s time, the voice of the marginalized is pressed down. Equal chances shall be given to all and especially to those who haven’t had their chance to speak.

  1. Equity –

Equity takes into account the effects of discrimination and aims for an equal outcome. Equity makes sure that everyone remains equal in the end.


How does Social Injustice affect Society –

Social Injustice occurs in a society where all are not treated equally. Therefore, when it occurs in a society, it leads to such a situation where the survival conditions of people become very worse.

In other words, Social Injustice denies access to basic fundamental human rights and becomes an obstacle to the growth of a nation.


What causes Social Injustice –

Some of the causes of social injustice are –

  1. Economic Injustice – Economic injustice means the unequal distribution of wealth and resources among the people of society. A group of people who have better resources and wealth has access to food, housing, education, and health care.
  2. Discrimination –

People at large are discriminated against on the basis of sex, religion, caste, creed, wealth, etc. which becomes the main cause of Social Injustice. when the people of one group are treated in a different way as unfairly from the other groups, this leads to discrimination.

  1. Racism –

When in a society people are treated unequally because of the reason of their skin color, Social Injustice occurs. Segregation in the American South and apartheid in South Africa are both clear examples of racism and injustice.


How can Human rights achieve Social Justice –

Human rights and Social are two different concepts but these are so closely linked with each other. The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides for social, political, economic, and cultural rights which can help to establish a just society in the following ways –

  1. By Promotion of Equality
  2. Anti-discrimination
  3. Welfare systems
  4. Employment rights
  5. Government Accountability



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