International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Why is International mother language day observed?

The International Mother Language Day which is celebrated on 21st February is observed to enlighten its view towards awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and also promoting its multilinguistic. The idea of observing this day was first initiated by Bangladesh. Its aim was to protect the languages used by people in different parts of the world

What is the Theme for 2020 International mother language day? What were the further changes that were bought towards the idea of the 2021 theme?

The United Nations was of the view that the local borders and cross-border languages supported the ideas of educational, scientific, and cultural organization. The theme for 2020 was “language without borders”. Its theme highlighted towards promoting peaceful indigenous heritage.

The theme for 2021 bought towards upgrading the society with respect to education and were stated as “fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society “ that made us understood towards inculcating the educational behavior in the society with respect to the languages which will result in unity in diversity and promote cultural development amongst people in the society.

Why did UNESCO declare 21st February as International Mother Language Day?

The universal value that represents Linguistic and Cultural diversity strengthens the unity of societies of different parts of the world. The importance of this day showed UNESCO it’s important towards celebrating this day as International mother day was because of its different cultures and diversities in the world.

Which is the International mother language?

The language which is considered to be the international mother language is Bengali, in Bangladesh as it was the only country that started this day to preserve and promote the language all over the world.

International Mother Language DayCan you have 2 mother tongues?

It can however be possible for a person to carry two mother tongues at the same time. This happens if a child is following the two languages in form of having bilingual parents, for which the child is growing up having more than one language and thus having multiple languages to speak and sharing different mother languages.

Why is mother tongue day celebrated?

This day is celebrated to promote cultural diversities where language plays a very important role in developing harmony and peaceful relations and harmony between the people of the world. It strengthens the cooperation acknowledging its benefits towards education and various other such purposes that build friendly relations and the environment in the societies.

What happened on 21st February in Bangladesh?

The Bengali language was first initiated in Bangladesh and it made the existence of international mother language day. There was the movement was led by Bangladesh which was about the language demonstration and on this very day that is 21st February the people of Bangladesh fought for their language for promoting their own heritage and recognition of the Bengal language.

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